Brexit: To be [in] or not to be [in], that is the question

Although, rationally, an exit would mainly bring disadvantages, neither those in favour nor those against Brexit have yet to take a clear lead in the polls. What is certain is that the UK economy is already suffering because of the referendum. The business climate and corporate sentiment have both deteriorated.

Market view: Union Investment maintains neutral risk strategy

Charts of the month

The Union Investment Committee (UIC) has left its risk position unchanged at level 3 (neutral). The committee continues to see risks for the longer-term outlook and has therefore scaled back the equity weighting to the baseline allocation. In return, the UIC is increasing its exposure to investment-grade corporate bonds.

May 2016: Market news and expert views                   

The monthly report 'Market news and expert views' offers a comprehensive review and outlook for relevant asset classes. Up-to-date forecasts for the capital markets are also provided.

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